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Private Practice 2014

Look who we found at the conference!  Joe Cappelleri Jim, Erin, Joe and Kris MotionCare therapists are huge supporters of the Private Practice Section.  We just returned from the annual conference which promotes growth and support for clinicians in a private setting.  The Private Practice Section “was created to focus on the needs of physical… Read more »

WE’RE MOVING! (coming January 5, 2015)

We are excited to announce that we will be moving (January 5, 2015)! Construction has begun and moving boxes are being packed.  Check out the first stages of our new site under construction.  And no worries, our phone and fax numbers will stay the same, and, as always, our care will continue to be excellent!… Read more »

Private Practice Annual Conference

MotionCare therapists are gearing up to attend the 2014 Private Practice Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This conference provides current topics and preparation for the future to better our practices.  We hope to gain as much as possible to make MotionCare and physical therapy an exceptional experience for patients!    

2014 Marathon Volunteering

Doing our part at the Twin Cities Marathon 2014!  Jim Olson, PT/ATC (finish line support), Erin Olson, MPT and Kris Olson, DPT (medical tent volunteer).  It was a successful day and congratulations to all the runners!


Therapists at MotionCare will be participating on the course and in the medical tent for the 2014 Twin Cities Marathon.  Jim will be at the finish line supporting runners and Erin and Kris will be located in the medical tent.  Good luck to all runners and we hope you have a healthy finish!  

USA Women’s Sledge Hockey Classification

This past weekend, Jim, Erin and Kris participated in the classification process for the Women’s USA Sledge Hockey Team.  The women’s program is continuing to grow and move towards an international level. Classification of athletes for sledge hockey is performed to determine appropriateness for play.  Players need to meet guidelines to participate, just as the… Read more »

Heart-related hospitalizations and deaths see a BIG drop in the US

It pays off!  Healthy diets and exercise are the key to success when it comes to a big decline in heart-related conditions.  In addition, pharmaceuticals, less cigarette use and effective acute care, all provide a positive trend of decreasing heart-related conditions. The Yale School of Medicine took on the challenge of analyzing trends in rates… Read more »

Mayo Clinic, #1

Another reason to celebrate Minnesota! Mayo Clinic earned top spot against nearly 5,000 medical centers.  We live in a state that prides itself on medical innovation and providing top notch services.  For information on this ranking, check out: Highest rankings: Diabetes & Endocrinology (#1); Ear, Nose & Throat (#1); Gastroenterology & GI Surgery (#1); Geriatrics… Read more »

Running May Not Help You Live Longer

No, this isn’t an excuse to put down your running shoes. Unless, of course, you’re already running more than 20 miles a week. Research presented this week at the annual American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in Washington shows runners who average more than 20 miles a week don’t live as long as those who run… Read more »