USA Women’s Sledge Hockey Classification

This past weekend, Jim, Erin and Kris participated in the classification process for the Women’s USA Sledge Hockey Team.  The women’s program is continuing to grow and move towards an international level.

Classification of athletes for sledge hockey is performed to determine appropriateness for play.  Players need to meet guidelines to participate, just as the men’s teams, to keep the sport highly competitive.

Jim is the International Head Classifier for Sledge Hockey, while Erin is a national  and international classifier.  Kris is preparing to undergo training and testing to gain classification status.

Sledge Hockey is played by individuals who have various disabilities affecting their lower extremities.  Players sit on a specialty designed sled with skate blades and use two short hockey sticks with picks to propel forward and move the puck.

Classification was a success!  We had a great time working with the players and coaches.  All the best to the athletes who participated as they continue their road to paralympic competition and GOLD!