Heart-related hospitalizations and deaths see a BIG drop in the US

It pays off!  Healthy diets and exercise are the key to success when it comes to a big decline in heart-related conditions.  In addition, pharmaceuticals, less cigarette use and effective acute care, all provide a positive trend of decreasing heart-related conditions.

The Yale School of Medicine took on the challenge of analyzing trends in rates of hospitalizations in nearly 34 million Americans that are covered by Medicare.  Outcomes point to a path that positive variables link with number of lives saved and hospitalizations avoided.

This is encouraging news!  We all can help ourselves be better and live a more healthy lifestyle.  As physical therapists we are doing our part.  We want individuals to be active and stay healthy.  If you are struggling with movement related issues, seek out your providers to help you get back on track.  The better you move and exercise, the better your odds against heart-related hospitalizations and deaths.

For more information and the full article:  http://healthyliving.msn.com/nutrition/big-drop-in-us-heart-related-hospitalizations-and-deaths-study-finds-1