Happy Anniversary, MotionCare!

MotionCare is so excited to be celebrating its 21st anniversary!!!  This anniversary feels extra special, especially after a turbulent 2020.  MotionCare embraced the challenge during our 21st year AND continued to provide excellent hands-on physical therapy care in the safety of our clinic.  We are grateful for all the individuals that have walked through our hallways to help us be able to celebrate 21 years.

To our team, You Are The Best!  The work you put in to make it smooth for patients and your coworkers does not go unnoticed.  Your ability to work together as a team during settled and unsettled times is amazing.  You were a shining light during 2020 and we are excited to build with you in 2021.

To all our patients past & present, THANK YOU!  We are grateful to have been part of your return to function, and we treasure our relationships.  We deeply appreciate the continued loyalty of choosing MotionCare Physical Therapy. 

As we look ahead, MotionCare is ready for more patient successes, more laughter, more learning and continued excellence from our physical therapists and employees.  

Cheers to MotionCare’s 21st Anniversary!